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I had a year subscription with and stopped logging in about 3-4 months ago. Because it just wasn’t worth it. The free Dating Review services are a better ROI. When I tried to log in to make sure I could cancel my subscription, my login wasn’t working. When I tried resetting the password, I never got a link in my email to reset it. I chatted with a representative after numerous tries and was informed that the security team detected suspicious activity on my account and that my previous account is completely unrecoverable.

match reviews

I signed up last week and I’ve received 5 emails from members claiming to be speaking for a friend, boss, coworker, etc. 2 of them included a phone number so I Googled them and as I expected they were scammers. I’ve canceled my subscription and intend on filing a complaint with PayPal which is how I paid for my subscription. They need to be investigated by the FCC!

Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Now that only made $1.2 billion dollars in 2017. It has become the national and probably international market dominator. They do not like to give full refunds for accidental subscription, purchases, 8 yrs ago they did. So what Match does is if you’ve subscribed in the past, in my case one year ago. If you are not currently subscribed, and you cruising profiles they have a one-click purchase screen with a 6 months membership $132 already pre-checked, and your credit card info. So if you click on emailing someone and you’re not currently subscribed the screen will pop up, whatever you do, do not click it. Hit the back key, otherwise, you end up with $132 charge.

I signed up and paid for 3 months service. After 1 month, I was notified my account was terminated for violation of the User Terms. I responded in shock wanting to know what I did wrong and their arrogant response was “get a search warrant and subpoena us to court if you want to know why we canceled your account”. I did nothing wrong like use profanity, revealing photos, nor harass anyone.

The match is HORRIBLE and FRAUDULENT. I have never once given Match any bank information but somehow they found it and took $80 UNAUTHORIZED from my account. I emailed my bank immediately and am fighting for a refund. I am disgusted. It’s nothing but a scam!


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