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OkCupid.com Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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I was talking with two guys I really liked a lot then I found out one of them was looking for a sex-based relationship & the other who knows what happened to him. I felt like I wasted my money on a six-month subscription because I haven’t been able to go on a single date with anyone from this site or eHarmony. I hate the fact that most of the people are only looking for hookups/FWB &/or new friends. What happened to dating leading into marriage? Review by:- Lauren of San Antonio, TX

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I had been messaging with two handsome men. Right before meeting them I gave them my phone number. They both looked very different, yet once on the phone sounded identical! They both said their accent was from Australia. I closed my account and blocked both of their numbers. Beware and be careful! Review by:- Janine of San Jose, CA


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