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7 Tips for Hanging On To Your Woman

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Tips for Hanging On To Your Woman. Was it hard work, or did it happen like magic? Did you throw out your best pick-up line to get her attention amidst the abundance of competition surrounding the bar? Maybe you were “hooked up” by a mutual friend? How you finally won her affection isn’t as important now as to how to hang on to your woman.

Will it be easy or difficult? Well, that all depends on the ridiculous number of factors that surround each and every union between two completely unique individuals from dating websites. Some might say, “Only time will tell.” There are, of course, certain tips that you can utilize to help make sure you keep your woman:

1 – Be the Man That You Are – Hanging On To Your Woman

You already won her affection, and that’s why she picked you out of the bunch. Don’t start putting on a show whenever friends of yours or hers are around just to get attention or impress them. Just be you; the guy she chose to be with.

2 – Put Her Needs before Your Own

There’s nothing that makes a woman feel more appreciated than a man that places her needs above his own. You’ve got to be willing to forget about getting everything that you want out of the relationship first and foremost. Remember that love is all about giving and not about what you are getting from it.

3 – Make Your Woman Laugh – Hanging On To Your Woman

When it comes to attractive male qualities, women often place more importance on a man’s sense of humor than his physical appearance. In other words, you may not have to be the best-looking fellow to get the girl, but you had better have a knack for tickling her funny bone.

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4 – Make Her Family and Friends Your Family and Friends

A woman’s family and friends are important to her, and what they think of her also matters to her. You must make an honest effort to get along with her friends and especially her family if you want the relationship to last. Your woman’s social circle is a big part of her life just as you are, so you should do your best to fit in with her crowd.

5 – Be Considerate and Understanding of Her Feelings

In order to keep your woman, you had best be prepared to have patience with her. Women tend to be more emotional than men (not in all cases, of course). Your first reaction when she expresses her feelings might be to defend yourself or your own opinion, however, you need to try and learn to be more receptive and less defensive. Also, learn to be considerate of her feelings so that you may avoid saying or doing things that might hurt her.

6 – Don’t Get Lazy Just Because the “Chase” Is Over

You’ve got the girl, and the chase is over, right? That doesn’t mean you should stop all of the thoughtful things you may have done while courting you were initially courting her. Keep buying her flowers on random occasions. Continue to take her out to movies and whatnot. Additionally, just because you’ve “got her” doesn’t mean it’s time to stop keeping up your physical appearance. Slacking in these areas is a sure way to make her wonder what she may be settling for.

7 – Don’t Let the Relationship Get Stale – Hanging On To Your Woman

After you and your woman have been together for a while, the both of you will probably get into sort of a “groove.” By that, I mean, you get used to everything about one another, and life together becomes routine. While you may like the idea of everything being predictable. That lack of anything new and exciting can make the relationship become stale and seem boring to your woman. Always be up for trying new things so that you can keep the excitement alive.

In closing, whether or not a lot of work was involved in winning your woman. Your relationship together will take plenty of work no matter how “great” the two of you are together. Do the work, and hang on to your woman.

Did you know that 90% or more of all failed relationships can be saved? What if I told you it doesn’t matter what the reason for the breakup was? Even if your situation seems completely hopeless, with the right game plan. I assure you that getting your ex back is NOT impossible.

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