5 Tips to Make Your First Date Magical Dating Review

5 Tips to Make Your First Date Magical | Dating Review

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Since the date of Your First Date Magical appointment is finally fixed, you feel a little stressed? Stay zen, thanks to these few tips, which will make this meeting unforgettable.

Choose The Place Well – Your First Date Magical

Choose the atmosphere of the place of your first meeting carefully . Warm, exotic or musical… whatever the mood, it’s what you’ll remember. It is even possible that the memory of this place will be part of the history of your couple for a long time.

Why, for example, not choose a restaurant that you already know? Anecdotes or advice for choosing the best dishes… you’ll know right away what topics to discuss.

Think about the topics to discuss

Nothing is more painful than an evening where everyone looks each other in the eye, without really managing to engage in conversation . To avoid this unpleasant situation, do not hesitate to prepare a few humorous or out-of-the-ordinary questions. If the feeling goes well and the atmosphere is pleasant, let your power of seduction act…

Play tender hearts – Your First Date Magical

Do not doubt the charm of the romantics. Gentlemen, stop thinking that giving flowers is old-fashioned. As for you, ladies, don’t hesitate to bring him a small present loaded with symbols, such as a book or an object that you will have mentioned together.

Be thoughtful and, during dinner, order wine and make a (sincere) toast in honor of this beautiful story that is beginning.

5 Tips to Make Your First Date Magical Dating Review

Surprise the chosen one of your heart

There is nothing more memorable than a first date punctuated with surprises and other unexpected events. If during a previous exchange, you remembered that he or she dreamed of sailing on the Seine, book a table for lunch, dinner or a drink on a barge.
For the occasion, make yourself tender and considerate. Taking his hand and caressing his cheek are so many gestures that will have much more effect than simple words!

Save the best for last – Your First Date Magical

Gentlemen, to please your lover, surprise her by taking her to a unique and memorable place, which you may have already talked about together. Reach a site in height, a beautiful square near a fountain, a surprising park or a pleasant seaside. Ladies, suggesting a stroll in a place that you particularly appreciate or that corresponds to your respective personalities will guarantee you a magnificent end to the evening…

You now have all the cards in hand to give a little magic side to this first meeting. All you have to do is let the complicity take hold…

From the first meeting or after a few months of love, the exchange of SMS can quickly complicate the situation. Follow these few tips to ensure that he responds to your messages as quickly as possible…

Remained detached… but responsive

Logically, if you leave no possible opening at the end of your text message, the chosen one of your heart may well postpone his message until later, or even simply forget to answer you!

To get him to write to you, always end with a question or pick up on what he just said. A simple “And you?” can make the difference, by showing him the interest you have in him.

Become his accomplice – Your First Date Magical

Once you understand their personality and expectations, it will be easier for you to bring up topics of conversation that may interest them, whether or not you share their interests.
Send text messages like: “I just passed by your favorite shop, I thought of you”. Simple, but effective, this little attention should not leave him unmoved!

Appointment essential

The fact that he finds an interest in your SMS will undoubtedly give him the desire to respond to you more quickly than to another.

Short, sensible and impactful messages should therefore become your new weapon of seduction . If you know he enjoys a particular sport, don’t hesitate, for example, to mention the next game of his favorite team. We guarantee an immediate response!

Play the mystery card – Your First Date Magical

Difficult to define, the balance between naivety and mischief will nevertheless become your best asset. Alternately be a quiet ingenue – tell him you miss him or that you’re thinking of him – and a distant, teasing femme fatale . If, curious, he sends you “What are you doing?” Answer him with an evocative: “I let you imagine…”. You may well arouse his interest, for a long time…

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