Valentine's Day What Are Girls Really Waiting For

Valentine’s Day: What Are Girls Really Waiting For?

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A real headache for many men, Valentine’s Day is Girls Really Waiting For fast approaching, and with it, a multitude of questions: what does she expect from you? Which gift to choose, which to ban? In short, how to earn points with your darling and avoid missteps? We tell you everything!

They all want something

Even if you’ve heard her say that Valentine’s Day is really bad. That it’s too commercial, even if Madame prides herself on being anti-consumerism and anti-sheepishness. Even if she clearly asked you to do nothing for Valentine’s Day, above all don’t listen to him. It could fall on you. No girl will ever blame you for getting her a little something on Valentine’s Day or taking her out to dinner .

Restaurant – Girls Really Waiting For

A great classic that will certainly please him. But beware, on February 14. The restaurants are obviously full… of couples! And this “lovebird” atmosphere, all there for the same reason, can bother or even annoy some. The safe bet: a candlelit dinner at home , lovingly prepared by you: she will appreciate the calm and the efforts made.

Heart-shaped flowers and/or chocolate

Another great classic, ideal at the start of a relationship, when you don’t yet know your partner well enough and want to stay “sober”. A word of advice: don’t give him his little presents at the office, it could embarrass him in front of his colleagues.

Girls Really Waiting For

lingerie – Girls Really Waiting For

Yes to lingerie . But not at the start of a love story. Or at least not until you have reached a sufficient degree of intimacy. Offering a corset to a woman you’ve known for 10 days and with whom you’ve only ever exchanged kisses can very quickly be misinterpreted and seem out of place.

Les sex toys

Same. No question of offering a vibrating ring to your new lover if you are still exchanging taste buds. Really wait until you are VERY intimate to offer sex toys and make sure your sweetheart has enough humor and distance not to draw negative conclusions.

Anti-wrinkle cream or vacuum cleaner

Big love killer, the beauty gift (say that I’m ugly too!) or household appliances (uh… just vacuum yourself, macho!) is to be banned absolutely!

The Night at The Hotel – Girls Really Waiting For

If you have already passed the milestone of the “first night of love“, then yes, this idea will only delight her. At a lower cost, you can also tidy up and perfume your apartment, put candles everywhere, buy satin sheets and sprinkle your bed with rose petals…

A Ring – Girls Really Waiting For

Yes, women love jewelry. And yes, she will necessarily be flattered if you offer her a pretty ring. But, but but… Beware of false hopes, especially if you have been together for a long time: she might think that you are asking her to marry you.

The hour of The First kiss is Fast Approaching… Perfect lips are expected and even hoped for. Manual

(which does not contain grain), otherwise you risk damaging them, or even causing you to bleed. If nothing of this kind is in the cupboards of your bathroom, go to the kitchen and mix a little olive oil with cooking salt, massage gently. Then rinse.

If you have chapped lips, use the major means: Homeoplasmine or petroleum jelly (in pharmacies) in a thick layer overnight. You will look like something out of a horror movie but you will quickly feel a real difference, in 2 nights your lips will be those of a newborn baby.
To maintain them, abuse sticks, balms and others. There is something for everyone: matte, shiny, strawberry,….

For a sensual hem, bet on plumping treatments. You can find them everywhere (Kiko, Diadermine, Lierac), what do they have in common? Simulate a filler effect thanks to hyaluronic acid, a natural skin filler with a volumizing and smoothing action. Its action also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, thus giving more elasticity and support to the lips.

In other words, we’re getting rid of all our lipsticks to make way for a new generation that colors without leaving substance for more naturalness and sexiness. These must-haves usually come in the form of large crayons or oils. Our favourites: Velvet mat from Nars, Color Boost from Bourjois, not forgetting the comfort oil from Clarins.

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