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Why Didn’t Make The Top List – Is It a Scam?

Dating Scam Online Dating Didn’t Make The Top List. During our POF review, we found that it looks appealing at first, in that their front page displays four local possible matches before you even register. On the lower third of the page, they also talk about how they’ve been featured in various media, including magazine covers. It’s all very enticing.

Of course, then you register, and that’s where it comes crashing down. The front page claims 50% of your contacts will pan out, which is sort of hard to believe, given we had a contact rate of 13%. They even more audaciously claim that 17% of the time, they Match people to the exact person they’ll end dating. We got a total of 0% of our contacts to arrange a date. Again, we used the same method as for every other site, and our contact messages were the same type as with other sites. just doesn’t have the base they claim.

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Couple holding hands in cafe Review Our Results Using The Site – Didn’t Make The Top List

As stated, 0% of our contacts resulted in a date. None. Not a one while we were doing the POF review. That’s not the 50% they claim, nowhere close. The 13% contact rate, or sixty-five contacts, place it just below on our timewasters list. That makes it the second-best of all the ones that don’t actually work. Compare that to even the lowest of the sites that actually work; has a contact rate of 64.6%. We don’t think there’s any point in wasting time on a site with so few actual contacts, especially if we don’t get to meet a woman from it. Issues: 3 Things Didn’t Do Well

Let’s start with the obvious. What kind of name is for a dating site? It sounds like some company acronym that makes fertilizer or something. How do they expect to attract a userbase that way? It didn’t work for any women we’d really be interested in, that’s for sure. Other sites do much better, even ones that we don’t recommend. POF does stand for “plenty of fish”, but apparently they couldn’t figure out a way to make that into the site name. Why they think POF is better, we don’t know.

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POF also makes claims they can’t possibly back up. 50% of contacts result in a future partner in the top ten? Please, maybe if you want a POF scam. None of our top ten even contacted us back. If our future partner is in there, we must have missed her. And 17% of the time, they pick the person you’ll end dating? We don’t buy it, not if we couldn’t even get a date using proven methods. Review: Is Legit & Worth Joining?

POF’s owner claims to have a team of PhDs working on the matching system, proving that they may be the POF scam we were looking for. When the system yields a bunch of women who aren’t even decent matches to the profiles we created, and the ones that might remotely work don’t contact scam us back, we think it means the decent profiles are probably fake and the system doesn’t pick that up. We also think PhDs probably have better job offers than dating sites, but that’s just us. makes some slick claims, and supposedly they’ve had media appearances, too. Media appearances don’t guarantee the site actually works, though, and neither do unproven claims of PhDs working for the dating site. When we can’t get an actual date out of it, we think that means the site isn’t nearly as good as the copywriter would like us to think.

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