13 things they hate about us when they start a relationship

13 Things They Hate About us When They Start a Relationship

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Girl meets boy (or lady meets man) you like each other, you meet, you start dating, you go to bed. Everything is normal. Everything is going well in Love, Relationship, until you, suddenly, we don’t know for what devilish reason you start demanding more. More of whatever: more attention, more calls, more whatsapps, more time with him. So HE decides to run away (and rightfully so). Does it ring a bell? This is what you should NOT do when you start a relationship (believe me, it is valid for all ages and is founded and studied by psychologists)

13 things they hate about us when they start a relationship

  1. DON’T BE A ‘CLAIMANT’. Do not demand or demand more because there is nothing that annoys a man you just met more than having to give explanations. If something has just started, you are not in a position to ask. If their calls are not enough for you, if their enthusiasm falls short, think twice before protesting or complaining.
  2. DO NOT BECOME A POSSIBLE. By heavy we understand a person who knows another and pretends that the other automatically happens to be aware of her 24 hours a day. Send him messages from her when he gets up, when he goes to bed, when he eats… that he no longer exists except for her. EVIL. People often have more to do: go to work, take care of their children, go to the gym…or just do whatever they want.
  3. MAKE YOUR LIFE. Your life does not stop or change because you have met someone. Keep doing your things and don’t devote so much energy to that relationship that is starting. Meet friends, take care of your hobbies… we often forget everything to focus on that new person, which leads us to become obsessed. EVIL.
  4. DO NOT ASK HIM TO STAY A SLEEP if he wants to stay, he will. Don’t invite yourself to his house either if he doesn’t ask you to stay. Nothing happens in going to sleep each one at his house. Sometimes when starting a relationship we only need two things: space and time. Step by step along the path.
  5. DO NOT BE PERMANENTLY HANGED ON WHATSAPP. Many times when we start a relationship we tell the other person our life on WhatsApp, so what will we tell them when we are together? Avoid being told at 12 o’clock at night “well, come on, I’m going to leave you, I’ll get up early tomorrow”. Avoid hours and hours on whatsapp or looking like an idiot to see if it is “online”. It is worthless and thousands of misunderstandings arise.
  6. DON’T CONTROL HIM. Just because you’ve started dating him, don’t start wanting to know his whole life: his comings and goings, who he’s coming with and who he’s going with. Human beings in general and men in particular hate being controlled. If you don’t trust that person, better ask yourself if you should be with her. Control is also a symptom of insecurity. If you have Relationship on a dating website, wait a reasonable time before asking it to be deleted. The normal thing is that he already does it alone… And if he prefers to continue there looking for more dates, or “something better” his business. If he does it then it is not for you or maybe you should do the same and start looking for “something better” too.
  7. DO NOT DISTRUST. When he tells you he’s going out with his friends, or on a trip or wherever. Do not think that she is going to leave with another. Be clear about one thing: if a person is with you, it is because he wants to be with you. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be. And if he wants to be with another, it’s because he doesn’t value you and consequently, it’s not for you.
  8. DON’T MAKE TOO MANY PLANS. It will make them panic. In general, it is already difficult to make plans for our normal life, even more so to make them with someone you have just met. Let the plans emerge on the fly and start from the two of you. Don’t even think of meeting a man in May and start planning summer vacations with him. If it happens, great, but let things “flow”.
  9. DO NOT TALK ABOUT MARRIAGE SO SOON: They will think that you are only looking to get married and that you do not care to know the person well.
  10. DO NOT BE A MOTHER: that mothers already have theirs. Don’t go over to her house and fix it up for her, don’t tell her she smokes a lot, stop drinking, or go to the gym. There are no things more anti sexy than the attitude of a mother.
  11. DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR EX-PARTNERS . He is not interested in them and you are less interested in remembering them, so why talk about your exes?
  12. DON’T COUNT YOUR WHOLE LIFE . He doesn’t need to know everything about you or you about him. Leave something for yourself. People like to discover how the other is little by little. Not that they release everything ‘point-blank’. Be a little mysterious.
  13. DON’T EXPECT THEM TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOU right away . Liking each other is a matter of a second, loving someone are big words. It takes time. Great if it happens but what if it doesn’t?

Do you meet more than 5 points on this list? So… we have a problem! I would like to know the opinion of some man about it… Am I missing or missing something?

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