Myths About Online Dating

Myths About Online Dating

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Times change, habits evolve. Today, there is no longer just one way to find love. For a few years now, dating sites have abounded on the internet. More and more singles around the world are succumbing to virtual love. However, even if the results speak for themselves, online dating is still a topic of conversation with everyone. While others swear by this new dating method, some will remain more specific. The reason ?  The various ideas received on the use of these platforms . Today, we take stock of the true and the false concerning the meetings on the internet.

Virtual Meeting: Always Play the Truth Card!

Thanks to dating sites, it is easier to have self-confidence . Indeed, being behind his screen, you will have no trouble chatting. When the encounter takes place virtually, it is tempting to construct a new character, to overestimate one’s abilities. On the internet, you will also be able to adapt your speech according to that of your interlocutor. You can still think calmly about the response you are going to send before doing so.

In short, on the internet, it’s easier to embellish the story and fall in love with a person who doesn’t really look like the one they claim to be behind their screen (and vice versa). Before knowing all the preconceived ideas that revolve around online dating, you must understand that so that they do not affect your meetings, it is essential to always play the card of truth and honesty. Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.

Misconceptions that Poison Online Dating

What is the first reaction of those around you when you tell them that you have decided to register on a dating site? While some will think it’s a great idea, others will dissuade you from doing it. To differentiate between the information you have to believe and the information that is only peddled by people who rely on “what people say” here is a list of myths that poison online dating.

Myths About Online Dating

1- When you Meet the Right Person, it’s Immediately Obvious

You have met a (interesting) person with whom the current goes very well on a dating site . According to the words of some people who, like you, have been able to find true love on dating sites: it is enough to see each other once (after months and weeks of exchanges) to know that the person in front of us is truly our soul mate. It is said to be obvious. Immediately, your heart will be pounding, your eyes will sparkle, your brain will be on pause… in short, all the signs will tell you that yes, this person is really the right one. But is it really the obvious sequel to internet dating?

  • Why This Idea?: Online Dating

This may not be the first time you have heard this assertion. In fact, since time immemorial it has been said that it suffices to 10 minutes are enough to define whether this person is made for us or not . The concern is that this extremely widespread idea comes above all from the beliefs that fairy tales and the romantic stories of American films want to share with us. If the symptoms are often the same as you feel when faced with love at first sight, it is not advisable to foolishly believe it without proof. Love at first sight really exists, but just because you fell victim to it doesn’t immediately mean that it’s the right person.

  • What is The Reality ?

Love at first sight is not a myth. Besides, it’s certainly not the first time you’ve heard of it. However, you must understand that love at first sight is not enough to decide whether or not this person is for you. So far, your discussions have only been done virtually. Of course, I’m not saying that if you have these signs it’s necessarily bad news. If you feel that the current passes immediately, it may be that your story is really made to last and to be the most beautiful there is. Nevertheless, the magic is not always present at the first moment and even when it is it is not always the sign of a beautiful budding romance. Let time do things. Love is surprising, and that is precisely what makes all its magic.

2- Dating on Dedicated Sites is Not Serious

It is no coincidence that this received idea sounds like a sentence already heard. Indeed, for many people, everything that happens on the Internet is not yet qualified as being within the standards. Thinking it’s a hostile jungle, it’s very easy for these people to believe that only singles looking for one-night stands and cheaters sign up here. And this statement is not just for men. Women who “dare” to register on dating sites are also treated as promiscuous women or worse as desperate for love.

  • Why this idea?: Online Dating

If the internet is seen with a bad eye, it is mainly because negative feedback and bad experiences are more and more numerous . People who have already, unfortunately, had to deal with scammers or pranksters are therefore quite wary of virtual meetings. Those who know people who have also already experienced the same stories will also be tempted to warn you about the bad results that can be drawn from dating sites. But is this reason enough to generalise the cases in this way?

The reality is quite simple: we currently live in a world where people are constantly busy. Nobody has the time to make real encounters anymore. And even if that’s the case, it’s quite difficult to manage your time to find a small niche to build stronger bonds. Thanks to dating sites, you can overcome this problem. The internet is not always a place for scammers. Currently, it is mainly used to book plane tickets, check bank accounts and many more. So why wouldn’t it also be a place where you can find your soulmate? Nevertheless, in order to make sure that everything will go well, it is essential to register only on trusted dating sites.

3- Virtual Dating is For the Shy and Socially Impaired

According to some, in addition to attracting cheaters and non-serious people, dating sites are also the favorite sites of the shy sickly and other social cases (such as the desperate in love online dating, the depressed and some will even go further by including sexual perverts). So when you announce to those around you that you intend to register on a dating site, some will warn you about the “dangerousness” of this approach. “Did you meet him on the internet? Be careful, if he is on a dating site it is certainly because something is wrong with him”.

  • Why this idea?

Dating on the internet is, as you will have understood, virtually. This makes it easier to impersonate another person behind their screen. As you cannot be 100% certain of the identity of your interlocutor, it is very easy to immediately think that it is a person with bad intentions or a person who would not have dared to flirt with you in the real life. As I said a little earlier, discussion on websites is easier. Consequently, the most timid will find their comfort there.

  • What is the reality ?

You are not the only person who decides to find love on the internet . In all four corners of the world, various people from different cultures, different backgrounds and different social statuses online dating have managed to find what they were looking for on this type of site. It is true that for some cases (shy people for example) it is easier to flirt virtually, but that does not in any way reduce your chances of finding your soul mate. Once again, to avoid falling on people with bad intentions, find a trusted site where the profiles are reviewed from A to Z by moderators.

4- Those Who look A like Fit Together More Easily: Online Dating

When we talk about meeting a soulmate and love in general, we find two categories of people. There are those who think that true love is meeting someone who is opposite to you, because opposites attract more easily. There are also those who believe that only people who look alike can come together . The proof, we will find on the internet hundreds of sites that specialise in connecting people with only common points (the same religion, the same passion, the same culture, the same political opinion, etc.)

Do you know why some people want at all costs to find a person who shares their same way of life? Their story ? Or their way of seeing life and relationships as a couple? It is above all out of fear of the otherness of the other. This strange fear of finding yourself face to face with someone you don’t know, who you still consider a stranger even after months of online dating relationship. There is this impression that being with a person who is similar to us on many points protects us from unpleasant surprises

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